The FORGIVENESS Community Workshops provide an opportunity for members of a community to share stories through reflective conversation, and moving their stories. Laying the foundations of forgiving into one’s daily practice, can in turn, create possibility for transformation within a people.

B3W works directly with community organizers to build a workshop that is specific to the group’s needs, having worked with performing arts organizations and presenters, artist-in-residency spaces, local rotary clubs, peace and justice centers, schools and universities, and community groups.


Bartenieff Fundamentals

This class focuses entirely on Bartenieff Fundamentals, modeled after Irmgard Bartenieff’s basic six exercises, the class focuses on honing and developing movement patterns, including muscle re-patterning to increase range of motion, develop deeper internal body connections, and prevent injuries.

Introduction to Laban Movement Analysis

This Workshop is an introduction to the elements of BESS (Body, Effort, Shape, Space) used in Laban Movement Analysis. Students will learn about how each element of BESS functions individually as well as how they are inter-related and work together.

Contemporary Modern Dance Class

For beginning to professional dancers. Taught by Artistic Director Emily Berry, this class begins with a Bartenieff based warm-up that focuses on internal connections and initiation and sequencing. The class culminates in full-bodied three dimensional phrase work.  


This class focuses on helping the students to find their own unique movement voice through guided improvisations. Students will also learn how to develop and perform an improvisational score for both solo improvisations as well as group improvisations.


With an emphasis on creative process, participants learn how to develop their own creative process as well as find their individual artistic and movement voice.

Contact Improvisation

This class focuses on the techniques and elements of weight sharing and partnering through improvisation. Students will learn how to focus on sensing, feeling, and weight sharing as a way to enter a conversation with another dancer. Students will learn how to listen to their partner and how to respond in a movement conversation as equal partners. 


Movement, Meaning, and Storytelling

This workshop focuses on how to get to the root of what we want to say and how to communicate your intention effectively to an audience. There are aspects of performance tools, performance preparation, and movement creation incorporated into the workshop.

Collaboration Workshop

This workshop focuses on the art of collaboration. It provides participants with tools and guidelines for successful collaborations.

B3W Repertory

Emily Berry can set an existing piece of choreography on students and/or professional dancers from the Repertory of B3W Performance Group or she can set a new piece made specifically for your dancers. Pieces can be for as few as a single dancer to large groups. Works can range in length from five minutes to sixty minutes. 

Effort Workshops

The Effort Workshops focus on Effort as addressed in Laban Movement Analysis. Students learn about the Laban Efforts of weight, space, time, and flow through experiencing the Efforts physically as well as finding connections to how they are expressed in everyday life. Students also learn about Effort combinations and how they are expressed. This provides the students with a basis for expressing intention more clearly in both performance and choreography.



Lecture Demonstrations

Lecture Demonstrations can be offered with the focus depending on the needs of your organization. Lecture Demonstrations include an informal performance of excerpts of B3W Repertory and/or viewing the creative process along with a talk/discussion with the artists. Lecture Demonstrations can focus on the creative process; the life of a working artist; collaboration with multiple artists; communicating meaning to an audience; storytelling through dance; improvisation as a tool for creative process; collaborating, listening, and incorporating multiple and diverse viewpoints into the whole; and how to discover your own voice as an artist.